Neurosis Vocalist Scott Kelly Admits To Ruthlessly Abusing Family For Years! Neurosis Breaks Silence on his axing finally

Scott Kelly accepts the domestic violence charges 

Scott Kelly, the vocalist and co-founder of Neurosis, made an admission in a statement over the weekend that he had abused his wife and kids. He surprised the world when he confessed to abusing his wife and kids after publishing a lengthy response to the fresh allegations against him. Today, Neurosis ended their quiet and addressed the subject.

This article may discuss delicate subjects like abuse and domestic violence.

The band has made a statement in response to the upsetting information.

Scott Kelly

How did Neurosis react?

The well-known rock group wrote a lengthy message on their official Facebook page about their former vocalist’s confession, saying they were appalled and disappointed by what the singer had done to his family.

The group began their statement by stating that they already broke off their relationship with Scott Kelly after learning of the “serious acts of abuse” he had committed against his family in recent years.

At the time, according to Neurosis, their bandmate told them about his marital issues and verbal violence toward his wife.

They didn’t think twice about kicking him out of the band since they think he went too far. They initially withheld information because of his wife’s plea for privacy because her family doesn’t want their issues to become music industry rumor.

The band thinks it’s time for them to speak up now that their bandmate has finally made his transgressions public.

Neurosis | Scott Kelly

According to Neurosis, they have been living apart for the past 20 years, and the only times they see Scott Kelly are when they perform live or collaborate on songs.

They were unaware of what he had been doing to his family in secret. Scott Kelly Refuses to Talk to Neurosis Despite Admitting His Mistakes.

They stated that it was difficult for them to “reconcile the dreadful facts with the person” they thought they knew after learning the truth years earlier.

They claimed that they made contact with him for the previous three years in an effort to have an open discussion about the state of their band and to get an update on his family’s circumstances, but he would not communicate to them. Despite the fact that Scott Kelly had already acknowledged his errors, Neurosis thinks that his post provided still another chance to shape and direct the story’s narrative.

They closed the article by stating that Kelly’s family’s safety and wellbeing, as well as the welfare of any other individuals who could be going through something similar, is their top priority.

Scott Kelly has not replied to his band as of this writing.

The performer made his most recent admission a day after admitting to abusing his wife and kids, saying he covered up the assault with threats and coercion.

He also disclosed that he will be leaving the music business.