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Netflix to Create a Movie on Viral Thanksgiving Invitation Text from Grandma to Stranger

The wholesome story began in 2016, and will continue on Netflix now!

The story of Wanda and Jamal and an accidental Thanksgiving invitation is probably one of the best internet stories that’s still circulating. And now, Netflix has decided to create an original movie out of it.

Let’s now check the whole story

A wrong number

The first text

Back in 2016, Arizona native Wanda Dench sent a Thanksgiving invitation message to 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, mistaking him for her own grandson. After letting her know that she had the wrong number, Jamal asked if the offer still stands. Wanda promptly replied with a yes, and since then he had made sure to head to Wanda’s place to celebrate the holiday.

This continued even after the death of Wanda’s husband Lonnie, who died due to complications from COVID-19. Jamal and his girlfriend are now regular guests every thanksgiving, and they continue to make millions of netizens happy with their small, but wholesome tradition.

Variety reported the incident, saying Netflix wanted to make a movie on the heart-warming story, and have named it The Thanksgiving Text. Hinton and Dench will also be brought on board to give insights for writer Abdul Williams. Hinton also announced the news on Twitter and Instagram.

Needing more Thanksgiving movies

Thanksgiving 2021 | Netflix

We are used to getting loads of horror movies during October, or Christmas movies in November and December, but Halloween movies are still quite rare. There aren’t many Thanksgiving classics for us to name either. Some notable Thanksgiving movies will be Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Rocky, and Lady Bird. But if Netflix plays their cards right, they can create an unconventional story that began as a simple social media post, but ended up capturing the hearts of many.


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