Netflix Drops Trailer For Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Anime “Bastard”: Everything You Need to Know

Netflix Drops Trailer For “Bastard”

Netflix dropped the first trailer for it’s upcoming anime “Bastard”. The anime will follow a world taken over by the God of Destruction, Anthrasax. And a wizard named Dark Schneider wakes up inside the body of Luke, a fourteen year old boy. The Dark Schneider now has to protect the world from destruction once again. While fighting powerful demons and Gods along the way. The anime will undergo a Dungeons and Dragons theme.

The anime is based on a Manga of the same name, Bastard. Kazushi Hagiwara is the reason behind the Manga that came out in 1988. The story initiated because of Hagiwara’s love for heavy metal and Dungeons and Dragons.

The Trailer Breakdown

The trailer begins with a shot of a castle among rocks with heavy metal music playing in the background. A bunch of different characters are seen using their magical powers. Dark Schneider, white haired guy, is seen various times in the middle of a castle exercising his magical powers. The second half of the trailer also shows a spherical monster, who could be Anthrasax. Several other characters in the trailer appear shocked by Schneider.

Netflix Drops Trailer For Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Anime "Bastard": Everything You Need to Know

Voice Actors

Takaharu Ozaki directed this anime and Yosuke Kuroda serves as the producer for it. Kishō Taniyama is the voice behind the anti hero Dark Schneider. , Tomori Kusunoki will voice Tia Noto Yoko, Hiroki Yasumoto will voice Ninja Master Gara and Yoko Hikasa will voice Thunder Empress Arshes Nei. In addition to that Tomokazu Sugita[ as Dark Priest Abigail and Masami Kikuchi as Lars.

Netflix did not reveal the release date for the anime yet. However, we can be sure “Bastard” will be available on the platform soon enough. Now this is definitely a signal for all anime fans for start preparing for all the binging.