Euphoria composer Labrinth opens up about his Season 2 cameo moment and writing a song with Zendaya

Singer Labrinth talks about his Euphoria season 2 cameo

When we think about the series Euphoria, Labrinth’s composition Still Don’t Know my Name simply shines through. The song has an unconventional style, but still fits into the vibe of the show beautifully.

Among the plethora of new tracks in Season 2 of the show, “I’m tired” is indeed a special one. It’s because Labrinth got the chance to make a cameo in the fourth episode and sing it live.

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The cameo comes into play when Zendaya is in a drugged state. She hugs him while dreaming about being in a church and hugging her late father. Referring to the scene, Labrinth said that director Sam Levinson absolutely loved merging the two worlds where the music could actually appear in the physical form. He added that Sam made an implusive decision regarding the composer’s cameo and decided to get the song ready within just 2 days.

Labrinth and Zendaya wrote  together

Director Levinson suggested the cameo idea. During that time, “I’m Tired” wasn’t even born. The All For Us artist shared that during the cameo scene with Rue (Zendaya), it was an implusive inspiration sort of situation for the duo. And then, they started writing the song.

Labrinth and Zendaya
Labrinth Official Instagram

Labrinth confessed that he was a tad bit anxious because he had never been on American TV and he wasn’t an actor either. He added that he knew what Rue’s character was going through and that helped him to zone in and let go of his own issues.

Labrinth appreciated the creative freedom

The pop and electronic music composer shared that Sam was absolutely in love with raw performances. Furthermore, he wanted Labrinth to be super authentic with his scene.

Labrinth also praised the creative freedom Levinson offered him. He said that the Euphoria director motivated him to solely write music whenever he was inspired. Levinson did not force him to create music with respect to a specific scene unlike in the usual situations.

He said in conclusion that even though he hit a rough patch midway when it came to creating music, the supportive partnership from Levinson and Zendaya made it all worth it.

Euphoria Season 2 finale is coming up on February 27 at 9:00 PM on HBO Max.