Netflix and Hulu viewers will definitely have a good start to the new year with the return of some favourite shows.

‘BoJack Horseman,’ Sex Education’ and ‘Shrill’ returns in January on Netflix and Hulu

January 2020 is sorted for all the viewers of the digital medium as three giant shows Bojack, Sex Education and Shrill are making a comeback on Netflix and Hulu.

It’s a good time for the viewers who were weathered by the flood of new fictions across several digital mediums. But now they can go back to the classic mediums which are offering the top picks for the new year, kick-starting it with a bang.

Sex Education

Sex Education is releasing in January 2020.

The British teen-comedy which premiered this year in January on Netflix will return with its second season on 17th January 2020. The season 1 took everyone by storm, so the expectations from season 2 are naturally sky-high. The season 2 will see Otis played by Asa Butterfield trying to progress things with his girlfriend, Ola played by Patricia Allison, in a very raunchy and graphical manner, owing to his newfound sexual desires.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is releasing in January 2020.

The final season of the universally acclaimed Netflix’s adult animation is drawing its curtains. With the second part of season six, the show is in its final leg and will bid adieu to all the loyal fans who have enjoyed this comic series throughout.

In the first part, we saw BoJack spending some time in rehab, following on from events in the previous season where he nearly strangled his co-star and girlfriend Gina to death on the set of his show Philbert. In part two, we will witness the horse finally suffering the consequences of his terrible and mindless actions.

Part 2 will go on air on 21st January.


Shrill is releasing in January 2020.

Another big show slated for January 2020 release is Hulu’s Shrill. The American comedy web series premiered early this year in March on Hulu and garnered favourable reviews. Season 1 traced the life of the protagonist, Annie who can be described as an overweight young woman. She wants to change her life but not her body.

Season 2 will follow the story of her realization how it’s not easy to make into the world where she is constantly judged for her weight but that makes her more determined to set things right for her.

The show will go on air on 24th January.

So, the month of January looks completely packed with good shows in the pipeline. It’s going to be a good start to the new year.