Marvel Studios Slammed by VFX community slams over difficult working conditions

Many have left the industry due to Marvel shows

Marvel Studios has come under fire from the VFX community in a series of Reddit posts. Former and current members have anonymously come forward to say that the company was the ‘worst’ to work with, after giving the artists difficult deadlines and overworking them. Over the years, we are getting more projects from the ever growing cinematic universe, and forget that there are people constantly hard at work, trying to finish them in time, often times failing even. Let’s read in detail.

Complaints Against Marvel Studios

Marvel Movies

The universe started off strong, combining both CGI and practical effects. In fact, 2008’s Iron Man has superb CGI. But the same cannot be said now, as movies like Captain America: Civil WarBlack Panther, the recent trailer of She-Hulk had deteriorating quality in their VFX. In a report by The Gamer, VFX artists are no longer willing to work for the multi-billion dollar company, saying they have the worst management ever.

A special Reddit thread was created, titled “I am quite frankly sick and tired of working on Marvel shows!” Many artists have complained about losing sleep, constant exhaustion, and lack of eating due to the work they are given. Complaints are mostly against the shows, saying the time is very scarce, and they are not paid for the work they do.

Leaving the Team


A user named RANDVR spoke his frustrations, saying that he is working on his third Marvel project in a row, and don’t want to do this anymore. He added that he’s trying to work on other projects.

Once there is a proper outcry, Marvel Studios will have to respond, and accept the criticism they are faced with. They also need to talk about improving the CGI’s quality.

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