Kristen Stewart majorly SNUBBED at SAG- fans come forward in support.

Kristen Stewart being overlooked at Screen Actors Guild Awards is a grave example of unfairness

There is no doubt about the fact that Kristen Stewart left everyone speechless and impressed with her performance in Spencer. Her portrayal of the late Princess of Wales stole everyone’s hearts and a LOT of people agreed that it was time for Kristen to take away all the awards this year.

Still from the movie "Spencer" | Kristen Stewart

However, when the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) released their list of nominees this Wednesday, it came as a huge shocker- Stewart’s name was missing!

Her performance had created a lot of Oscar buzz, and SAGs have always been considered as somewhat of an predictor for the Academy Awards. And now, after she has been snubbed, it can be assumed that her nomination at the Oscars too seems doubtful at present.

However, netizens shared the same views and disapproved SAG’s treatment to Kristen Stewart.People are on the same page regarding Kristen Stewart being snubbed. Her fans across the globe took to Twitter to express their disappointment and that’s putting it mildly.

The entire internet seems outraged and it’s just not the fans who are tweeting about it. Well known film-maker Larry Blamire, who is a member of SAG himself, tweeted about how deeply disappointed he was with this year’s nominations, especially with Kristen’s name being absent from the list.

But why was Kristen Stewart snubbed?

Stewart’s fans are definitely upset and there have been a lot of discussions regarding the ‘why’ of the matter.  Some of them even suggested that the reason behind it could be due to her outspoken nature regarding her queerness.

On a serious note, it’s hard to say what happened. Maybe a lot of the voters haven’t watched the movie? Or maybe the audience assumed that she would definitely win and spread out their votes to others? Well, that will be a mystery that we will probably never figure out.