Kim Jaehwan Shares a Group Selfie from “Wanna One” Reunion Making Everyone Nostalgic!

Wanna One will be performing at the 2021 MAMA

The Wanna One reunion we’ve been hearing of all month has happened – well, almost. The final performance remains, but the gang, sans Lai Kuanlin has reunited and are preparing for their performance. Lai Kuanlin is currently very busy in China and will not be able to make it.

The photo was shared by Kim Jae Hwan on his official Instagram page, who captioned it, “Long time no see.”

Why did they disband in the first place?

Wanna One

The group – consisting of Min-hyun, Seong-wu, Lai Kuan-lin, Jin-young, Daniel, Ji-sung, Jae-hwan, Dae-hwi, Ji-hoon, Woo-jin, Sung-woon was formed via the survival competition series Produce 101 that had aired from April 7 to June 16, 2017. Wanna One officially debuted under YMC Entertainment on August 7, 2017. Their contract with YMC expired on May 31, 2018, and from Jun 1, they were managed by Swing Entertainment. However, their partnership with YMC was maintained.

Swing revealed on December 18, 2018 that the group will be ending their contract at the end of year, but they will still perform for year-end shows and award ceremonies that extended up to January. Their final performance was at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where they debuted in 2017.

So the reason Wanna One disbanded and went in different directions was simply because their contracts expired, and all were on agreement not to renew it.


Wanna One

News of a possible reunion started circulating from last month, but it was confirmed on November 15. The reunion was planned by CJ E&M, the company behind the Mnet Asian Music Awards. They tried reuniting the teams, but they are under new agencies who are not in favour of their clients juggling between agencies.

Pledis Entertainment, who is Min Hyun’s agency said that the star will only be performing for the reunion and will then return for his solo ventures. Ong Seong-wu is currently an actor and will have to return to his drama series and two films which he has signed on to.

2021 MAMA is slated to take place on December 11.