Keith Levene is still fondly remembered after his sad death at 65

Keith Levene dies at the age of 65 due to cancer

Keith Levene was an English musician with a different music taste as described as progressive rock. He changed his musical taste after meeting Mick Jones who was one of the Clash founders. Whereas his other guitar sounds more like melodic, violent and somewhat sonorous. 

Keith Levene, Jah Wobble, and John Lydon in 1978
Credit: Rex

Keith Levene is being reported to be dead according to his close friends. He was public figure as he uses to play guitar for public image Ltd and was also a founding member of The Clash. Levene was the founder of The Clash along with Mick Jones in 1970s, soon before it gets successful Levene left it unexpectedly. Levene joined Public Image Ltd (PiL), a band by John Lydon.

Many bandmates and co-workers shared condolence  

Hammond shares how Levene was fighting with liver cancer from 2 years. “He had so many plans – there were so many things he was doing,” Hammond added. Hammond was quite shocked about the demise as he just completed a book about Public Image Ltd with Levene and it was very unexpected for him.

Besides, many of his bandmates also paid tribute to the musician. PiL member Martin Atkins who was also the member of PIL with Keith Levene, posted a tribute by remembering the time he passed with him. Jah Wobble shares the concern of family and expressed his sorrow.

Keith Levene portrait

Moreover, Andy Bell missed the strings of guitar he used to play and posted a tweet regarding that. Mike Scott recalls the moment when Levene trounced him at Space Invaders. Including the Music magazine Rolling Stone also showed grief for the demise of the musician and said that “influential fretwork shaped the sound of punk and post-punk to come”.

It was very sad to see the musician dying, he was struggling from this deadly disease and couldn’t make it more.