Katy Perry’s Gap Commercial with The Beatles’ Cover “All You Need Is Love” Continues to Win Hearts!

Katy Perry covered The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” for a commercial

Katy Perry has covered The Beatles’ classic All You Need Is Love song for Gap’s new advertisement. Mark Romanek is the director of the commercial.

The singer took her Instagram to share the ad clip as well as her relationship with Gap and how far she has came. In caption Perry wrote that she used to work in Santa Barbara branch of the company. And now after 20 years she is appearing in a ad of Gap. “dreams do come true” said Perry.

Katy Perry
Credit: YouTube

Katy Perry in the commercial

The 37-years-old singer delivered an acoustic version of All You Need Is Love which is available to stream. Katy Perry stared in the Gap’ ad as well as sung the song. The ad starts with Perry waking up with the sound of her alarm, working out, putting her makeup on and then going for photoshoot where the she performed The Beatles’ classic, surrounded by beautiful couples wearing colourful puffer vests, jackets, sweaters and denim. The couples who were present there all real life couples confirmed Perry. They were paid to be together and share love in cosy clothes.

Katy Perry
Credit: Gap

Throughout the ad Katy Perry’s outfits were probably all Gap clothes. Her most interesting look was when she enter for photoshoot wearing a pink turtle neck sweater with sweatpants and picked up her acoustic guitar.

This is not the first Beatles’ song Katy Perry is covering. Earlier the singer also covered the band’s popular classics like “Hey Jude” and “Yesterday.”

Contribution to help children

As per Katy Perry’s Instagram post the Gap will donate $1 to @baby2baby for every stream Perry’s All You Need Is Love song gets on Spotify. Baby2Baby is an organization. They helps and supports children who are living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities.