Mac Miller’s “Faces” Posthumous Release Continues to Linger in the Hearts of Fans!

Mac Miller’s “Faces” is going to hit streaming sites

Festive moment for Mac Miller’s fans! The late American singer’ 2014 mixtape “Faces” is going to release on streaming sites.

Earlier his album “Circles” was released posthumously in 2020 by REMember music and Warner Records. And now Mac Miller’ “Faces” will be available on vinyl and other streaming sites for the very first time on this Friday for diehard Miller fans.

Fans are excited excited for Mac Mixtape Face' posthumous release
Mac Miller | Instagram

The album “Faces” first released seven years ago on 11th of May, 2014. Miller’ nine albums are on streaming site which will make “Faces” tenth.

The celebrated life

The American rapper, singer is a huge name in the music industry. Miller started his career in Pittsburgh’s hip hop scene in 2007 when he was just a fifteen years old. He gained fame with his rap songs. Mac Miller’ creations such as “Nike On My Feet”, “My Favorite Part”, “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza”, “Come Back To Earth”, “Objects In The Mirror”, “Party on Fifth Ave.” are widely popular among people. At the age of 20, he topped Billboard charts and received a platinum single. He dated actress Julia Kelly, popular singer Ariana Grande, American journalist Nomi Leasure.

Fans are excited excited for Mac Mixtape Face' posthumous release
Mac Miller | Instagram

The singer was found dead on 7th of September, 2018 at his San Fernando Valley, California, home. It occurred due to accidental overdose of drugs. Fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol were found in his system. The singer left the world at a very young age of 26 only.

How to experience the upcoming album?

As “Faces” is releasing soon, Twitter offered some advices from experience listeners. @HipHopNumbers said in tweet that if any one is listening for the first time they should start at “Inside Outside” song. And to enter Miller’ world, one have to just close their blinds and then their phone into silent. One Miller fan twitted saying it is Mac’ best project. Another wrote that it is such an amazing project, it can make them cry tonight.