Kathy Hilton Invites the Wrath of Lizzo Fans By Comparing Her to Actress Gabourey Sidibe

Hilton was the guest on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’

Kathy Hilton, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the mother of fashion mogul Paris Hilton, is now being hated by thousands. This came after the 63-year-old reality star mistook singer Lizzo for actress Gabourey Sidibe from the film Precious. Read the full story below.

What did Kathy Hilton say?

Kathy Hilton

It all started in Wednesday night’s episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. In a segment called “Will! Kathy! Know Them!?”, Kathy Hilton was shown a picture of Lizzo and asked who she was. Hilton responded by saying, “I think I do…Precious?” Precious was the character played by actress Gabourey Sidibe in the 2009 movie by the same name.

Everyone from Cohen to the audience burst out laughing after hearing Hilton’s answer. She was told the answer was incorrect, and Hilton tried to defend her response by saying that this was the nickname she gave to Lizzo and that she was “Precious” to her. But it was too late to save face.

Twitter Backlash

Kathy Hilton

In a matter of minutes, Kathy Hilton started getting flamed by Lizzo’s fans. Many were tagging the singer and saying that she needs to “clear” this woman, while another one told Lizzo to “please check this woman.” Many were saying that there was a subtle touch of racism in her comment.

This comes weeks after Kathy Hilton got accused of fabricating a feud between herself and Lisa Rinna, her co-star from RHOBH. The man who made the fake story, named Patrick Somers, said that he was paid $27,000 by a RHOBH star to start the feud, with many immediately calling out Hilton. We will have to see if she sits this out or gives a public apology.