Kanye West aka Ye set to buy conservative social media platform Parler after being locked out of Twitter

Kanye West aka Ye is eyeing conservative social media platform Parler

Kanye West aka Ye was blocked out of twitter and Instagram few days ago for posting cryptic post on Instagram and Twitter as well. His posts created a controversy and due to community guidelines, he was blocked out of social media.

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Source: AP

Ye has recently entered into a deal where he is all set to buy conservative social media platform Parler. The parent company of Perler announced this in a news release on Monday.

The deal for Parler

Parlement Technologies owns Parler. They said about the acquisition with Ye that the acquisition will be slated in the fourth quarter. Ye feels like he will get the freedom of speech and opinions in this platform.

“In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” Kanye West said in a statement where company announced about their press release.

Parler will give freedom to Ye to express his opinions on their platform without censoring the news anywhere. Kanye West was stuck into this controversy when he posted the screenshots of chats with a rapper who found it controversial to the T shirt he wore at Paris Fashion Week saying ” White lives matter”.

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He also said a controversial statement about Jewish people which made him a tough time to stay on social media. He also said that slavery is a choice which lead to a great difficulty to make him stay on social  media.

Kanye West has already been through many such situations but he has been to a way out through it and it didn’t let his career get affected at all. He has figured out the way to express his opinions finally.

Let’s wait for what happens more.