Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Case Brings New Evidence, Causing Celebrities To Start Unliking Depp’s Victory Post

The case has brought up new evidence

The legal case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has taken a new turn. As many foresaw at the time, the case wasn’t a true win for Depp. The case was complicated, with many allegations of domestic violence, addiction, and many discussions of mental health. This resulted in Heard receiving a massive amount of criticism, and as many of her lies came to light, the hate got higher. Depp was proved as the victim of domestic violence. But new details have started coming out.

New Details About Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

New details about the couple’s marriage have been revealed, amounting to 6000 pages in court documents. But with this new development, many Johnny Depp supporters seem to be changing their minds. The documents, which were obtained by lawyer Andrea Burkhart, have shown some texts between Depp and singer Marilyn Manson, and they were sharing domestic violence experiences with each other.

Depp’s legal time have also shared information on Heard being an “exotic dancer” in the past. With these conversations, Depp no longer looked like the hero that some of the fans thought him to be. Many of these included the aforementioned celebrities who had quickly removed likes from his posts.

Celebrities Who Unliked

Johnny Depp
Alvaro Barrientos / Associated Press

Amber Heard supporters have listed out the names of those that had unliked the posts. This included Bella Hadid, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr, NikkieTutorials, Zoey Deutch, Sophie Turner, and Joey King. Downey withdrawing was a huge shock, seeing how he had been at the corner of Johnny Depp since the start.

Except for the people who were quick to take sides, this was hardly a surprise since the case had been tricky from the start. So it is best that they do not form Team Johnny Depp or Team Amber Heard again.