Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are expecting a baby after the Miscarriage

Jill Duggar is pregnant- A sweet news after Miscarriage

The ‘Counting On’ host Jill Duggar shared a piece of happy news on Sunday. After the miscarriage in October, she revealed the pregnancy news through Family Blog. They haven’t revealed by keeping a secret. Jill and Derick Dillard married in 2014 are now expecting a third child.

She named the baby who was miscarried ‘River Bliss’. She said that she prayed to god. And God has blessed the couple with a baby. This couple has two sons named Israel Davis and Samuel Scott. Their age is Six and Four Years respectively.

The Journey experienced by Jill Duggar

The TLC star shared all of her journeys through her miscarriage and pregnancy. She did that through videos on YouTube and Instagram. She posted the video of her pregnancy result. After getting the positive result she called her sons to share the news. Later they celebrated the good news with a Pizza party. Later the baby was miscarried. They named the baby River Bliss. To get the meaning that the baby will be with us forever in the course of life. As River Flows life flows too. That is the concept behind the name. Later she focused on family gatherings, groupings, Lunches, etc. Took their time to heal.

Jil Duggar family

Jill is not the first person to share their experiences. Jill’s sister Jessa, Joy-Anna, Jinger also shared their experiences of miscarriage previously. in February 2021, Jessa shared their sad news while announcing the news of expecting a fourth child with her husband Ben.

Jill Duggar family
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Now their third baby is on the way. They were thankful and also overjoyed by the news. Let’s Congratulate the Couple on the occasion of this sweet news.