Jennifer Lawrence living the life people dream and her penthouse give us a major “Woo” moment!! here take a sneak peek at it.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is, by all means, is one of the best actresses of Hollywood. Films like ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘X-Men series’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ which also earned the actress an Oscar and more and more.

But this time, we are going to talk about her beautiful home in NY and not about her. So, recently the actress’s house was one of the best deals on ‘’. She bought this house in 2016 on the Upper Eastside at the top of Laurel.

She bought this house in 2016 for the price of $15.6 million and now the price has come out to be $12 million as the actress is going to be in a new place before her husband Cooke Maroney in October.

It’s located about at a height of 30 floors. The area is around 3,000-sq.-ft. with two terraces around the corner, with that the winsome features of nature which will just make your day. It has everything a rich person needs.

Three large and spacious bedrooms, five baths with gym, pool, sauna, screening room etc. This house contains the view of the city in it’s most beautiful way. With marvelous interior designs and top-notch furniture. It’s totally cool and it also contains a backyard with a gorgeous garden right around the corner and the city view.

This place is something rich buyers should grab right away.