Jake Gyllenhaal Opens Up About Taylor Swift’s Song and the Online Hate

Jake Gyllenhaal Speaks About “All Too Well”

Taylor Swift dropped a 10 minute version of her track ”All Too Well” in November last year shading actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor finally responded to the shade thrown on him. Swift released the track back in 2012 after her relationship with Jake ended. The 10 minute version makes the actor look not so good. Jake Gyllenhaal shared his thoughts in an interview with Esquire. He stated that the song has nothing to do with him.

Jake Gyllenhaal Opens Up About Taylor Swift's Song and the Internet Hate
Instagram/ Taylor swift

The History

Swift is known for being very expressive in her songs about her relationships. She also released a short film that loosely told the story of her relationship with Gyllenhaal. Following it’s release the Swifties began to criticise the Ambulance actor. When asked about the hate, he responded saying that the song is about her relationship with her fans. Artists share personal stories and he doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone, Gyllenhaal added.

Jake Gyllenhaal Opens Up About Taylor Swift's Song and the Internet Hate
Instagram/ Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake’s Comments

The interviewer asked him if the song and the hate affected him in any way, the actor denied that it did. He then went on to express his thoughts on cyberbullying and how an artist expects their fans to not cyberbully someone and act decent. He also gave a glimpse of his philosophy while talking about this.  Jake revealed that he has not heard the album yet but is also not unaware of what it’s about. He said that he has his own life and a family that he loves a lot.

Jake certainly has a sense of maturity and clearly handled all the internet hate really well. In an interview the singer-songwriter also shared that the song is about herself and her fans. As of now, Both Gyllenhaal and Swift have partners and they seem to be really happy with them.