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Is Rammstein Singer Till Lindemann Affected With COVID-19? What do the test results say?

The German Rockstar Till Lindemann has been hospitalized amid high fever. There is also news that he got infected with Coronavirus.

Till Lindemann is a popular singer of a metal band Rammstein. He went to Moscow for a music concert after that when he landed in Berlin, he got impacted with high illness. Then on the advice of the band’s doctor, he was admitted to hospital ICU. After diagnosis, Doctor reported a negative report of coronavirus of German Singer.

A newspaper prior reported that Lindemann diagnosed with positive coronavirus but later Hospital clarified about negative test report of covid-19 of Till Lindemann. Fans of Till Lindemann was in shock when they heard the news of Lindemann admitted to the hospital. Fans felt relieved when hospital said that he was out of danger.

Over the world cases of COVID-19 is increasing very rapidly. A total of 50,781 cases and 581  deaths have been recorded in Germany to date. So it is a panic situation all over the world. When Lindemann’s health was worsening doctor suspected it is symptoms of covid-19 but the report found negative covid-19 and he had diagnosed with pneumonia.

Who is Till Lindemann??

Rockstar singer of Germany born in 1963. He worked with band Rammstein According to the roadrunner record, He listed among 50 greatest metal frontmen of all time. Till had also done small scenes in movies. He had been nominated for Grammy Awards two times one the year 1998 and other in2005. Rammstein was in news in July this year when band guitarist Lander and Kruper kissed on stage during a live performance. The 57-year-old star is safe now which is good news for people of Germany and his fans.

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