Jaden Smith Is on the way of a Recovery. How is the Karate Kid actor dealing with his health?

Most of the fans remember Jaden Smith as the cute little kid from the Pursuit of Happyness or the bullied martial expert from Karate Kid. But Jaden looks a lot different now and after a few acting stints, he is now a rapper and songwriter.

Jaden, who has been on a strict vegan diet for a few years now, was speculated to have a serious illness as his skin turned completely pale and he looks seriously malnourished now. Fans have an opinion that Jaden may have a major illness and his family is hiding his illness from the media.

Will Smith confirmed that his son was suffering from a nutrition imbalance due to his diet, and family members have now stepped in to help Jaden. A vegan diet that has only a few options for protein and other macronutrients and this led to his skin turning pale and the large dark circles under his eyes. The Smith family has hired Dr. Mark Hyman, an expert physician, and nutritionist Mona Sharma to help Jaden with his health and diet.

Dr. Hyman clarified that Jaden’s nutritional insufficiencies were from consuming the wrong types of food and his well-being can be attuned by switching up his diet and taking supplements. Precisely, he was told in the episode that gluten and dairy were both problematic for him. Also, Jaden doesn’t eat any meat, so he has vitamin and omega-3 deficiencies.

Jaden opened up about his health issues on the “Red Table Talk”, and admitted he has stomach issues and wanted to get to the bottom of it. He even added that he knew that he wasn’t looking good or feeling any good, and had sleeping issues as well. In Australia, Jaden was hospitalized for nausea and dizziness, which deeply concerned his family and has switched now to a vegetarian diet, meaning he can consume animal products including eggs and cheese.

With a change in his diet, and with the help of physicians and nutritionists, Jaden is already making massive strides towards a healthier life.