Is Corona Virus the only challenge that the world is facing or will face in the future? Well, you’re if you believe in that, not only will the world change as a whole, the lifestyles of people will change as well which necessarily include their dating outlook as well.

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Coronavirus, a boon or a bane? In some parts of the world, pollution level, carbon emission, etc is going down along with the ozone layer depletion having come to an end. On the other side, the world economy as a whole is coming down, much more than ever before.

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Dating, yes, although a small yet significant part of the lives of people is affected too. Not only have people started looking up to these sites/apps more during the world-wide lockdown, a trend that was observed on dates between partners have also changed amidst the pandemic.

How? Well, we all might have realized the importance of quarantine and social distancing by now. The problem lies with the same.

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Once the pandemic comes to control, things would no longer remain the same, neither the economy nor things like dating as compared to the contemporary world.

Since Coronavirus spreads with body fluids and has the capacity of remaining in the air for long durations and till a large distance from the COVID-19 patient, people would now stigmatize with those who have the disease and would want to stay at a distance from them.

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The reason lies in the fact that health is more important than anything else. Whatever it be, health is the foremost.

Don’t be surprised if your partner comes wearing a mask at a date or tries to stay at least 1m away from you.


I understand it can get problematic between the couple due to unnecessary incorrect thinking that their partner is trying to repel them or have trust issues for which is practicing social distancing (provided you’re lucky enough to at least have your partner out of their home in the first place)