Inkigayo Finds New MCs in Yeonjun And Seo Bum And Noh Jung-Ui!

Inkigayo Is Up With New MCs

On 15th March 2022, MCs for the new Inkigayo have been announced. On the very day, An Yu Jin of IVE, Jihoon of the team Treasure and the NCT band member Sungchan will step down from the MC’s position.

The event happened on the show and Yeonjun, Noh Jung-Ui and Seo Bum June of the TXT band became the new host.

Producing Director’s View On The New MCs

The Producing Director said that Seo Bum June has a handsome look and upon that he was the former member of the dance club in his School days. Further, he is very talented and has various style in acting. The PD said that Seo also passes a happy vibe and make a good atmosphere around him.

Seo | Inkigayo
From Twitter @TXT_members

After that, he says that Noh Jung-Ui has been an amazing actress. She has always loved K-pop so much that she wanted to be a singer when she was in a dancing club in her school days. Further, she seems to be the mascot of the show with her bright energy, he said.

Noh Jung-Ui | Inkigayo
From @jeongeuiyam

Lastly, he said that Yeonjun is the next-generation’s most renowned K-Pop star who will need no words to describe him. The PD said that he is a fun loving guy with a silly side of his.

Yeonjun image | Inkigayo
From Twitter @TXT_members

All the three have been selected because they have a spark to become the leader of the upcoming K-culture. Their first look on the show will be on 3rd of April 2022.

Decision For The New MCs

As per SBS TV, An Yu Jin, Sungchan and Jihoon will have their last day on the show on 27th of March 2022. After their tenure has ended, the TXT’s members will start on the show as a host.

The Producing Director of Inkigayo, Ryu Seung Ho publicised the involvement of the three cast. Further, he said that in the celebration of the show getting famous, they had decided to host a meeting where the rising stars will select the new MCs for the show.