Imperfection makes you perfect! Meghan Markle banned Vogue from removing freckles from any face in the guest-edited issue.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is the guest editor of the British Vogue’s September issue. Moreover, she made strict instruction for the photographer, Peter Lindbergh. Meghan has commanded him not to edit or remove the freckles from any of the girl’s face out of the 15 girls who are posing for the cover shoot.

Peter Lindbergh.

Meghan, who is passionately in love with her freckles and leaves no chance to flaunt them, had complained earlier about the removal of her patches in some of her photoshoots. However, this time, she has the power of being a guest-editor. So, she gave a prior statement to the editing team as well as to the photographer that she wants to see freckles on every face which has them.

“I want to see freckles!” she said to the photographer.
“Well, that was like running through open doors for me. I love freckles,” added Meghan.

Meghan flaunting her freckles.

Meghan’s paa, Thomas Markle, used to tell her that a face without freckles is just like a night without stars when she was younger. These words from her father left a powerful impact on her heart. So, she finally applied for the copyright on the phrase said by her father, according to the United States Copyright Office.

Except for the pictures of the 15 models, Meghan asked to leave a blank spot on the cover. The empty place in her views represents a mirror looking at which the reader can get inspiration to be a change-maker.
Not only this, she even asked not to post her photo on the cover as she is not interested in being bumptious.

“To deep dive into this process, working quietly behind the scenes for so many months, I am happy to now be able to share what we have created. A huge thanks to all of the friends who supported me in this endeavor, lending their time and energy to help within these pages and on the cover.” Meghan said in an interview.

Markle doesn’t like hiding her patches.

Markle’s September issue would be on top in the lists of the readers who are excited to see the magic she has done.