Hawkeye’s Early Reviews Show Promising Things and Intriguing Development Stored for Fans!

Most boring avenger with the most interesting show?

Marvel Studio has released their next Disney+ limited series Hawkeye, and reviews are already in. Marvel has had a difficult process with creating a good story, but they seem to have handled it really well in the two episodes that came out.

Check out the spoiler-free Hawkeye’s review below:

The story


Hawkeye is set in the week leading up to Christmas. Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton is out on the streets, and people are slowly realizing they have an Avenger in their midst, and are staring wide eyed. But Clint realizes he’s not the favourite Avenger when he walks past a group of cosplayers and sees Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games instead of him. Of course, how can people really know about a hero who does his best to stay out of the spotlight, and hides everything that makes him cool?

Enter Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), who actually asks Clint the question posed above. Kate is a very delightful and fun person to watch, but still terrible at what she wants to do – being a hero. She considers herself an archer, but doesn’t have the proper skills, and arrives at the wrong place at the wrong time due to her below average detective skills. This lands her in a lot of trouble, but again, very fun to watch.

They become an unlikely duo of opposites, and while the combination is tried, it is interesting to watch.



Clint’s family life isn’t explored well. His whole point so far is to be home for Christmas, but since there’s always time to do that in later episodes, we can keep it aside. Meanwhile, Kate’s bumpy relationship with her mom (Vera Farmiga) and mysterious step-dad (Tony Dalton) is shown a lot. While we can understand Kate more and more, it doesn’t really feel like a story of a team yet. We don’t want the show to develop secondary storylines more, like Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In conclusion, Hawkeye is doing well, and Hailee Steinfeld is playing her role very well. But what we need to see her bring Barton to the same level of appreciation that his former teammates had.