Hasta la Vista Arnold: All about Arnold Schwarzenegger on his 72nd birthday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor and a producer. He is also a businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, and former professional bodybuilder and a politician who turned 72 today on July 30, 2019. Arnold, when young, used to go to theatres to have a look at the big muscular bodies of the bodybuilders of the 90s. He was unknown to the fact that one day, he would become one of the world’s most extreme bodybuilders. Some of the most memorable lines, which are used by people till date like ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ or ‘I will be back’ are given by Arnold. Not only this, he even won the title of Mr. Universe at the age of 20. He would soon appear in T-800 Terminator: Dark Fate.

Another picture of the hunk Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One of the funniest facts about Arnold is that in his first film, Hercules in New York, his English-language skills were terrible. So, the producers decided to re-dub all of his dialogue. Arnold, during his acting career, got nicknames “Arnie” and “Schwarzy” and was called by this name during all the 45 films he did. The sword-and-sorcery epic Conan the Barbarian in 1982 was his breakthrough and was such a box-office hit that it resulted in a sequel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, 1984.

Soon after that, he reappeared in the sci-fi blockbuster The Terminator in 1984 and continued to appear in its sequels for years. There is a museum in Thal, Austria which is dedicated to his life solely.

When he was 67 in 2006, he won re-election but declined to take his governor’s salary due to his wealth.

Arnold when he was the governor of California.

However, life sometimes takes extreme turns, and the same happened with Arnold in 2011. He got divorced with his wife, Maria Shriver. Soon after the divorce, he revealed that he had a fifth child too except his four children. He fathered his fifth child fourteen years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an inspiration for millions of his fans and has a unique space in their hearts. The Terminator hero is not only active in the media industry or politics. He is always socially active and leaves no chance to do social work, which raises his respect 100 times more in the eyes of his fans.