‘Halo’ Live-Action Series Releases First Look Trailer, Shows Characters and Locations

Things are looking stellar and expensive

During last night’s Game Awards 2021, Paramount Plus debuted the first look trailer of the upcoming live-action Halo TV series. From the looks of the characters and environments, we can understand that despite the long time that the series took, they are making everything as picture-perfect as possible. The series is set to debut in the streaming service sometime in 2022.

Trailer and cast

The trailer stays true to it’s ‘first look’ title, and doesn’t give out details on the story. We do know from Paramount that the story will take place in the 26th century in the same universe as the Halo games, and will have humanity facing off against the alien invaders, known as the Covenant. We are yet to see if the series will adapt events that have happened in the games, or will tell a fresh story that can be easily grasped by both new watchers and longtime fans.


The series stars American Gods and Orange is the New Black star Pablo Schreiber as the armoured super-soldier/ hero Master Chief, while Jen Taylor stars as his AI companion, Cortana. Taylor had been the voice of the character since the video games. We got to see some new faces in the trailer, both humans and Spartans, the faction of super soldiers that Master Chief leads. This included Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, the creator of both Cortana and the Spartan super-solider program.

Announcements and delay

The series was first announced in 2018, but production had to be stopped halfway due to the pandemic. Halo was initially set as a Showtime series, but was later shifted to Paramount Plus and included in the roster of shows that will accompany the streamer’s launch.

A release date is yet to be given for Halo.