Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele bowed out of the Fashion Giant

Gucci’s Hit Star, Alessandro Michel takes retirement from his duty

Alessandro Michele is leaving Gucci, the global luxury fashion giant that he has led as Creative Director since 21 January 2015. The Italian fashion designer joined the fashion label in 2002 as an accessories specialist, overseen by the previous creative director, Tom Ford. Having joined as a bag designer, with no prior directing experience at a big-name label, Alessandro Michele was the surprising choice for creative director at Gucci in 2015.

Since being appointed Creative Director, Alessandro Michele’s groundbreaking creative approach has been crucial to make the brand what it is today. The journey that Gucci and Alessandro took together in the last year is one of a kind, and it will continue to remain a standout moment in the history of the luxury fashion giant.

Alessandro Michele | Gucci
Alessandro Michele Pic: Gucci/LinkedIn

Alessandro Michele has also expressed his gratitude and praise to the Gucci family, saying, Today, for me, a remarkable journey, more than 20 years long, has come to an end, inside the company that I dedicated my whole life, love, and creative passion, without rest. 

After Italian fashion designer and former creative director, Frida Giannini’s departure in 2014, Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele was charged with creating its autumn-winter 2015 collections in Giannini’s place within a period of only five days. The then-creative director Frida Giannini’s time as Gucci’s creative director was ten years, whereas his predecessor, Tom Ford, engineered Gucci’s first turnaround and stayed for nearly eight years.

Taking on his Official Social Media, Instagram, the former creative director posted his gratitude towards the brand for all the years he had been through with it and how the entire journey felt, making it a significant part of his life.

Alessandro Michele post
@alessandro_michele | Instagram

With all this said and done, the brand, Gucci did not declare any reason behind their best creative director’s retiring, while Alessandro mentioned in his post “There are times when paths part ways because of the different perspectives each one of us may have.”

Well, that says it all that there might be some unmatched conversation or decision-making that might have happened inside the production of the brand which lead to such a big step for Alessandro to end things on good terms.