Can’t wait for Enola Holmes 3? Well we got some news for you

Enola Holmes 3 storyline, cast & release

If there is going to be a third Enola Holmes film (which it will be), it goes without saying that Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are going to return as Enola and Sherlock, respectively as the movie simply will not work without them. 

With the recently released sequel having only made its debut, it seems safe to say that it is pretty early for the third film – since they are currently occupied by post-production on the sequel (which earned enough good name than expected). 

The first film about Enola Holmes, starring Milly Bobby Brown as the titular character, had an audience of 78 million, breaking the record as the biggest opening for Netflix on its first day of release back in 2020. Enola Holmes 2, which debuted earlier this month (Nov. 4) on Netflix, finds Millie Bobby Brown once again on the case as the younger sister to Sherlock Holmes. 

The sequel brought major twists and names included in them to the surface, and not to disclose any spoilers upfront, the major characters who have a great potential story in the continuation of the Enola series are Mira Troy & Dr. Watson. Why? Well, we don’t know that (we do), do not miss watching Part 2 to understand the plot more.

Mira Troy
Enola Holmes 2 | Netflix

Other than that, fans are desperate to see Sam Claflin back for a third film, both as the classic duo, and the renowned Sherlock Holmes brother, Mycroft, but we cannot tell whether or not this is going to happen, since even his recently released follow-up is missing. 

If Enola Holmes 3 is given the go-ahead a couple of weeks later, just as was done with the previous movie, we could anticipate a potential release date could come somewhere in around 2024, since the previous two films had two-year gaps, Enola Holmes in 2020 and Enola Holmes 2 in 2022.