G4TV, the Comcast Spectator network, Shut its Shop Only After a Year

G4TV is shutting down, a year after its relaunch

On July 24,2020 a revival of G4 brand was announced; the network relaunched on 16 November 2021. In a memo Comcast Spectator Chairman and CEO Dave Scott cited low viewership and said the network had not achieved “sustainable financial results”.

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“This is certainly not what we hoped for”, the hard work and commitment to the network. Our human resources team is reaching out to you to provide you with support, discuss other opportunities that may be available, and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you again for all of your hard work for G4. these were the statements from the Chairman and CEO Comcast Spectator.

What is G4TV?

G4TV is an American pay television originally and digital network owned by Comcast spectator that primarily focused on video games the network is originally owned by G4 media, it was first launched in April 24,2002, a joint venture between the NBCUniversal Cable division of NBCUniversal and Dish Network. In late 2012, the studio programming ceased in preparation planned for a relaunch. Esquire Network was a part of licensing deal with Hearst Corporation.

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In September 23,2014 the Owner of Esquire Network ultimately replaced Style Network instead. G4 announced in November 2014 that it would end all operations; it was shut down on New Year’s Eve 2014. by august 2013, it was reported that approximately 61,217,000 American Households with television were receiving the Network.

End of The G4TV

On July 24,2020, a revival of G4 brand was announced; the network relaunched in November 16, 2021.but just after a year of launching the network has decided to shut down. in an internal memo The Chairman and CEO of the network, Dove Scott have announced the End of Network.

Many Employes of G4TV have no clue about the shutdown and they learned about it from the press and from social media posts, before receiving the official message from the CEO.