Ezra Miller to face 26 years of Prison? The Flash Actor Pleads not Guilty

 Actor ” Ezra Miller ” pleads not guilty to felony burglary charges

 DC’s superhero “Flash”, Ezra Miller pleads not guilty to felony burglary charges in Vermont.in May 2022 miller was charged for stealing bottles of Alcohol from his Neighbours home in Vermont.

Ezra Miller

In the criminal division of Green Mountain states superior court, the actor was told to maintain distance from his Neighbour whose house he entered for stealing. Miller was also told to stay away from the other residents, He will face26 years in prison and $2,000 fine if found guilty of the charges.

Ezra Miller’s Crime record

The perks of being a wallflower’s actor Ezra miller is undoubtedly a good actor, but the Miller had some issues with the law from past few months, for disorderly conduct, felony burglary and he has been also accused of stealing music from a collaborator. According to music producer Oliver Ignatius, Miller leaked unfinished, raw music the two were working on, even the songs the actor wasn’t part of without giving credits to him.

Ezen Miller
Credit: Perks of being a Wallflower

if we talk about the actor’s criminal records there’s a list of his crimes in April 2020 a video surfaced of Miller appeared to choke a young woman at bar, in March 2022 he was accused of minor offences like filming people and arguing with them. The Actor was even arrested for harassing people in Hawaii at a bar later he was released after paying a $500 bail.

Felony Burglary Charge

There is countless charge of Harassing on Ezra Miller but recently the actor has been accused of felony burglary. The Vermont state’s cops were notified of a complaint against miller of burglary, the police responded to complaint that in Stamford on May 1 they found several bottles of alcohol from a residence while the homeowners were not at home. Miller was charged for stealing Alcohol after the police consulted surveillance footage and interrogated other residents

on Monday’s hearing The Court Ordered the actor to maintain distance with the other residents and if the actor found guilty, he would have to pay $2,000 and 26 years in prison.