Fruits Basket to Release Spin-off, titled ‘Kyoko to Katsuya no Monogatari’

Get ready for the love story of Tohru’s parents

The rebooted anime of Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket came out in 2019, and wrapped up neatly a few months ago. However, one minor story was not included, which felt surprising as the anime was a faithful manga adaptation, with many added scenes. The part was of how the heroine Tohru Honda’s parents met.

But rest easy, for the story is being told in a new spin-off anime.

The story

Katsuya and Kyoko

After season 3 ended, the creative team announced that they will be carrying on with parts they didn’t explore yet in the anime. Kyoko and Katsuya’s story arc was beautiful and heartbreaking, so it was only natural to get an adaptation. However, we cannot guarantee if it will be a movie or special episode. But it is scheduled to arrive on Japan on February 18. A special poster was released to commemorate the event as well.

The story, which takes place years before the original story shows us how delinquent student Kyoko met the kind-hearted school teacher Katsuya. Voice actors Miyuki Sawashiro and Yoshimasa Hosoya will return to voice Kyoko and Katsuya respectively. The staff at TMS Entertainment will be back as well. Kyoko’s good nature, that was hidden deep beneath her rowdy exterior was brought back and they waste no time in getting married, despite oppositions from Katsuya’s family. You can watch the rest of the story unfold next year.

Other spin-offs

Kyoko and Katsuya

Takaya had begun work on a sequel titled, Fruits Basket Another in 2015 and brought it to a tentative end in 2019. Another was set many years after the original story and had new protagonists. In 2019, a spin-off story titled The Three Musketeers arc began. It’s unsure if the stories will get anime adaptations, but given the show’s success, we can expect it in the coming years.

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