Fortnite x Dragon Ball trailer reveals mythic weapon, skins & gliders Bracing Fans for More Excitement Ahead!

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Crossover Trailer Leaked?

The official clip showcasing the new skins, cosmetics, and in-game abilities for the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event has been leaked.

With Dragon Ball, one of the most recognizable television programs in history, Epic Games has been hinting towards its second significant anime crossover. This collaboration had to be huge because Goku is one of the most powerful characters in any cosmos.

Fortnite Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball crossover not only has four recognizable anime characters, but it also has an in-game item that is comparable to the Marvel abilities from Chapter 2 Season 4. Players can use the fabled Kamehameha’s ability to send their enemies flying into the afterlife.

The event is scheduled to begin on August 16 following the downtime caused by the Fortnite v21.40 update. However, a crossover trailer that was leaked previously reveals what the Saiyans are bringing to the island. Famous leaker iFireMonkey posted the trailer to Twitter.

Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus are the four characters who will be available as skins in the game, as seen in the trailer. Additionally, there are three unique gliders from the anime, including Shenron the dragon, Goku’s soaring nimbus cloud, and Vegeta’s space capsule. Players have also been observed harming opponents and buildings with their Kamehameha power. Additionally, they are seen battling it out with energy blasts that interfere with one another.

Fortnite Dragon Ball

There are also a few emotes shown. Even without the Goku and Vegeta skins, users can use the Super Saiyan powerup emote. Players can do the Fusion Dance with pals in Fortnite as a synchronised emote. Once the crossover is formally announced, there may be more for players to learn. Players will have to get by on this leaked trailer for the ensuing few hours, though, until then.