Fortnite Finally Releases Green Goblin Skin and Cosmetics Range Impressing Fans!

“Can the Spider-Man come out and play?”

Fortnite adds a new skin to their already massive collection – Green Goblin.

The iconic Spider-Man villain has glided into the Fortnite island for a limited time, and comes with his own list of special items. Check out the trailer and item description below!

Items and events

After Willem Dafoe re-instilled fans’ love for Goblin, it was all but inevitable that Fortnite would get into the fun. However, he is only available between January 27 and February 5, so make sure to purchase him in that time period.

As for his appearance, Fortnite has taken the character’s classic look and applied some modern touches to it. The nightmarish appearance stays, even if Fortnite usually doesn’t make characters look threatening.

Epic Games

You will get the following items if you purchase the outfit:

  • Pumpkin Bomb Back Bling: Norman Osbourne will not arrive with his favourite weapons – the pumpkin bombs. Make sure to cause mayhem with these handy tools.
  • Pumpkin P’axe: While a pumpkin head at the end of a stick doesn’t make it a pickaxe, it’s still important to stay true to the Goblin theme.
  • Goblin Glider: Travel across the map Green Goblin style with his awesome glider.
  • Arm the Pumpkin! Emote: Goblin’s personal action where he pretends to throw his bombs.

Purchase options

Green Goblin
Epic Games

All the items mentioned above are available for individual purchase, or you can get it all together with the Green Goblin Bundle. We can also obtain the Attack of the Goblin Loading Screen if we purchase the bundle.

As part of Spider-Man: No Way HomeFortnite has made the Spider-Man outfit part of the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass. This is your chance to own both Spider-Man and Green Goblin.