Finally! In his first late-night interview following his Oscar smack, Oscar winner Will Smith joins “The Daily Show”

Will Smith made his first late-night appearance since the Oscar smash on “The Daily Show”

The Oscars event in which Smith slammed Chris Rock stunned the world of entertainment and undermined his reputation as a poised Golden Boy.

In the days that followed, Will Smith expressed regret for his behavior in front of the public. In an April statement announcing his resigning from the Academy of Motion Picture, and further stated that the list of people he had wounded was lengthy and also included Chris, his family, many of his dear loved ones and friends, everyone around, as well as viewers across the world who were watching at home.

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The Academy barred Will Smith from entering any of its events, along with the Academy Awards, for the following 10 years after describing his behavior as inappropriate and damaging.

That evening, the actor received his first Oscar for lead actor for his depiction of Richard Williams in “King Richard,” the dad of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Although Smith’s violent behaviour was the focus of the ceremony, that night was also a professional watershed moment for him.

Steve’s Interview and Big Revelations

Will Smith

When Will Smith made his first post-slap television appearance on Monday, he admitted that it was his nephew who helped him come to his senses when he sat on his lap and questioned him about why he had slapped the man. Later, he acknowledged that it was anger that he had been restraining for a very long time and it erroneously came out. He acknowledged that on that particular night, he was going through something that contributed to him losing control of his fury.

Smith’s Biggest Concern

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Will Smith was aware that his actions would negatively affect how people would respond to the “Emancipation” movie. He claimed that the only thing that makes him uneasy is the fact that many individuals contributed amazing work to this movie, and he expressed his wish that his team would not suffer any negative consequences as a result of his actions.

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While applauding his coworkers’ “amazing” work, he stated that he definitely loses a few winks of sleep worrying that he might have punished his team, but he is determined to do everything he can to ensure that each person is given the recognition they deserve.

“Emancipation” Plot

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The unsettling 1863 photographs of “Whipped Peter,” a slave who fled the Deep South only to resurface and battle for his friends’ and family’s liberty as a soldier in the Union Army, served as the drama’s inspiration.

He claimed to have seen Whippet Peter’s image as a child, but as his story began to take shape, he was profoundly moved. He said that when someone saw the brutality that Peter endured and then recognised that, through it, he was able to maintain belief, generosity, and love in the face of those kinds of violence, he knew that he wanted to learn from Peter.

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“Emancipation” premieres in American theatres on December 2 and is available on Apple TV+ on December 9.

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