Fans have some burning questions regarding season 3 of Chilling adventures of Sabrina. When will they be answered? Read to find more details.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina aired its third season 3 on Netflix. And as the season ends, it brings some unanswered questions in the mind of the viewers. So if you are reading this, we assume you have seen the series. Because there are major spoilers ahead.

The season ended with chaos leaving us with two Sabrinas. Good news is that the season has renewed for a fourth season and we can get us official answers then. Below are some questions most of the viewers may have in mind.

What hatched out from Father Blackwood’s egg?

There are chances that it can be the plot for the fourth season. So, what is in the egg? Blackwood possessed it while he was at Loch Ness. And he called the Eldritch terrors when he breaks it open. But we never saw it. We saw some weird flesh left at the bottom of the egg.

From where did second Sabrina come from?

As we all know, there are two Sabrinas now. But the original Sabrina was entombed in Hell. And she is not capable of enchanting any magic. So how did the new Sabrina even get there? And who called her because only Ambrose was alive in the original timeline.

Is Dorcas really dead? Will she return?

Dorcas died at the end of season 3 because Sabrina couldn’t travel far back in time to save her. Dorcas has turned into stone already when she returned. It means she is officially dead.

Will we see the return of Caliban?

Caliban remains trapped in hell after Sabrina refuses to fall for his trick. But will he be woken up again? If yes, who will do it?

Will Lilith be executed after she gives birth?

Lilith was spared execution after she becomes pregnant with Lucifer Morningstar’s son. Once she gives the Dark Lord his second heir, will she be killed or will she make her big play?