Ezra Miller Gets Arrested In Hawaii On Assault Charges

Ezra Miller In Trouble Again

It seems like The Flash actor Ezra Miller is having a hard time in his life. As the actor has been falling into legal trouble often. While previously too the actor was taken into custody. The reports have suggested that he is again in custody for another crime he has been claimed of committing. But what did Ezra Miller do this time?

Read ahead to know more about Ezra Miller and the trouble he is into again.

Ezra Miller arrested for second degree assault

Ezra Miller

The Fantastic Beasts actor was weeks back in trouble when in Hilo, Hawaii after a misconduct, he got arrested. The charges on him was even for harassment at that time. However, for that incident Miller was arrested and he went to pay $500 as bail amount. Later though he was released.

The recent arrested is again reported to have happened in Hawaii. While the charges on him this time is for second degree assault. The recent incident is said to have happened on early hours of Tuesday this week. The incident has even caused injury to one.

Miller’s assault caused a half inch cut to a woman


While the reports suggest that Miller’s arrest happened sometimes around early morning of Tuesday. The incident is described to have happened in the residential area in Pahao. At a get together in lower Puna subdivision of Leilani Estates. Miller happened to get irritated on being asked to leave.

Following which the actor threw a chair that hit a woman’s head. Which caused her forehead to get a half inch cut. The woman though didn’t take any treatment for that. Though so far the verdict of punishment on him hasn’t been known yet.

Not to miss, the actor is to feature in the popular spin off of Harry Potter franchise titled “Fantastic Beasts.”