Jerry West Wants Legal Retraction From HBO Series “Winning Time”

NBA star Jerry West is unhappy with the HBO show “Winning Time”

The show on HBO titled “Winning Time” has come up with the second season. While the ongoing season is about the Lakers Dynasty of NBA. Yet we have one of the real icon of the game Jerry West left unhappy with the series “Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty”. But why is he unhappy?

Read ahead to know more about Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty and Jerry West.

Jerry West is not happy with his character’s portrayal in the HBO drama

Jerry West

Jerry West who was in the Los Angeles Lakers team got a character in the HBO drama. While his character was played in the season 2 of Winning Time. Further, it recently came out that Jerry is not happy with how his character has been portrayed in the drama of HBO.

Calling it “false characterisation” and “baseless portrayal”, Jerry now wants a retraction from HBO in weeks. Moreover as such Jerry’s attorney has already issued a statement to the executive producer Adam McKay for the same. As the statement has cited that the portrayal of his character in the HBO drama has caused “great distress” to Jerry and his family.

Jerry cited the drama as pulpy soap opera

Winning Time

While the character of LA Lakers’ Jerry in the HBO drama has been portrayed by Jason Clarke. Jerry’s character in the drama actually shows him as fiery character who looks frustrated after losing final matches several times. Looking at all of this, Jerry in the letter issued to Adam stated that the HBO drama is actually a “pulpy soap opera”.

Stating that the characters in the drama has been portrayed in the false lights. The drama has altered the real story just to make money and get ratings. As such now Jerry wants a legal retraction from HBO within a time period of two weeks.

Meanwhile, HBO hasn’t commented anything on the demand of Jerry West for retraction.