Everything about Rod Stewart’s gloomy song…”I Don’t want to talk about it”.

Rod Stewart has completed 76 years of age. He really enjoyed longevity in the rock n roll scene. There are just many fans who took the opportunity. The fans celebrated with him because he listened to some of Sir Rod’s classic tunes. He even enjoyed his band faces. So the lyrics are the reason behind his biggest hits. Have you heard his song, “I Don’t want to talk about it”?

The lyrics to the song bring a pretty much sad vibe. They speak of a broken heart. There are also many tough times between a couple. There are just many references to crying. The singer literally admitted that he did not want to talk about it. There is still however a lot of hope. His lover literally listened to his heart. There are just many reasons why he wants to stay with her.

There are just hope of reconciliation. The song however is not a happy one. It shows how a relationship ended. The beginning of a relationship was never shown. There are just many instances of Sir Rod’s music. The song is not at all written by him. The song is written by Danny Whitten. Crazy Horse First recorded state. The final track is from the 1971 album. That’s indeed a Crazy Horse.


Sir Rod recorded it in 1975. His version became all the more famous. The song was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. The place was the USA. And the album is Atlantic Crossing. The song was just very much successful. It really came out as single. A single partner was also helped. It was early in 1980 that it became a hit in the USA. In the UK it went to Number One. It was a double A-side. The first cut was the deepest in 1977.

The song was actually released purposely. It was all about the Six Pistol Song. God actually saved the queen. It was on top of the UK singles. The chart was all about the original release. The song was in reality a “budget singe”.