Dwayne Johnson Rejects Vin Diesel’s “Manipulative” Plea to Join ‘Fast & Furious 10’

The family feud is not over

Remember that time in November when Vin Diesel tried to bring back Dwayne Johnson for Fast & Furious 10? Vin Diesel, speaking as if he were his famous character Dominic Toretto, put out an Instagram post asking Johnson to return for the final instalment. However, Dwayne has just given the statement that he will not be returning, and on top of that, called it Diesel’s manipulation.

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The fight

Dom and Hobbs

As enjoyable as it was to see these powerful personalities together in the movies, first as adversaries, and then as allies, their equally powerful personalities failed to get along. Johnson first appeared in 2011’s Fast Five, but his beef with his co-stars became known in 2016. He had first posted on Instagram on August 8, 2016, where he praised his female co-stars but criticized some male co-stars by calling them “candy asses.” The post was later deleted, but his beef with Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson were circulated over social media.

Recent response

Dom and Hobbs

Vin Diesel had made the highly dramatic post, starting with a “My little brother Dwayne,” and talked about how dear Johnson is to his kids, his promise to Paul Walker, among other things. But in a recent interview with CNN, Johnson stated that this is an example of the actor’s “manipulation.”

He started by saying that he was very surprised to see Vin’s post, and that he had met him in June, in person. Johnson stated that he was very cordial with his words, but made it clear that while he was very supportive of the franchise, he cannot be a part of it. He had also spoke about the problem with the producers at Universal, and they understood as well. He then went on to say that he didn’t like Diesel bringing up his children, or Paul Walker’s death into it. “Leave them out of it,” he said.

It’s clear that The Rock will not be part of the final movie, but he can return as Hobbs in the Hobbs & Shaw sequel.