Blood replaced with freezing cold ice solution during surgery! Doctors use suspended animation for the first time for otherwise incurable injuries!

The doctors have started to put the patients on suspended animation for the very first time to enable them to fix injuries that otherwise cannot be cured.

Suspended animation involves the technique of replacing a patient’s blood by freezing cold ice solution and decreasing the temperature of the body at a very fast rate.

Decreasing the temperature of the body results in slowing down brain functioning. When the brain stops responding quickly, the production of energy by the body decreases drastically and thus the body functions at a very slow rate. Due to this, doctors get some more time for operating the patients which increase the chance of success of the operation.

When the body cools down to a very low temperature, the oxygen intake is reduced to a very great extent and the human heart almost stops. This also reduces the blood flow in the body decreasing the blood loss from the injury.

Once the operation is done, the patient’s body is brought back to its normal temperature so that the body starts working properly.

However, it has still not been confirmed whether the suspended animation procedure provided any kind of help to the doctors. The reports are yet to be disclosed. But if they are really of any kind of help, it would be a great revolution in the history of medical science.