Dice : The New Solo Album Dropped By SHINee’s Onew

Another solo for SHINee’s Onew

For all those who are waiting to listen to some new track. We have SHINee’s Onew coming back with a new solo by him this month. Yes, the lead vocalist has this week dropped his next solo Dice and it’s amazing. But what’s so special about the new track by Onew.

Read ahead to know Onew dropping his new solo track.

Onew’s new solo album titled “Dice” is a romantic track

Instagram/ Onew

It was on 11th April that the South Korean singer Onew dropped his second solo for all. The mini album released by the vocalist is titled “Dice”, one track of which is having the same name as the album. It shows him falling in love with a girl and going the extra mile for her.

The solo track by Onew is a short three minutes video that shows Onew and a girl in a hotel. As the girl gets taken away by a man wearing a mask. Onew goes after her changing his appearance to find his love. The video finally shows the girl taking a chance and finally running away with Onew in the video.

Dice holds six tracks by Onew

Instagram/ Onew

While Onew has made his comeback as a solo artist after 2018. His new mini album holds six tracks. The name of the tracks thereby are Sunshine, On The Way, Love Phobia, Yeowoobi, and In The Whale. However, according to reports, it is known that his favorite track of all is On The Way. Though he thinks Dice is actually diversity for him.

Onew shared in one of his interviews that his teammates serving in the military services Key, Minho, and Taemin actually came to him while he was shooting for the album to show their support. Not to miss, Onew has already returned from his military service back in 2020 and is busy as a solo artist.