Killing Eve Finale Leaves Viewers Stunned with disappointment

Killing Eve “Dramatic” Season 4 Finale didn’t sit well with fans

With Killing Eve running with its fourth season on the network. All that you’ve been looking for was the updates on season 4 of Killing Eve finale. Then here’s the warning on major spoiler ahead for finale of season 4 of BBC drama. With straight four seasons for the BBC drama. Viewers in US have already seen how the fourth season ended.

Read ahead to know more about Season 4 of Killing Eve.

Season 4 of Killing Eve had an unexpected ending

Killing Eve Season 4

With AMC+ already having the finale of season 4 of BBC drama for the US viewers on April 10th. It was an unexpected ending for the lead characters of the drama Eve and Villanelle. Well yes, as the last two episodes of the BBC drama aired. Viewers expected to see both Eve and Villanelle to get back together.

But unfortunately that didn’t happen. The finale of the drama was going well as both Villanelle and Eve were celebrating on the boat’s deck the victory on The Twelve. However, what viewers were left stunned with was Villanelle getting shot dead at the end.

Viewers compared the BBC drama with Game Of Thrones

Killing Eve

Certainly, as Villanelle and Eve didn’t have much time together on season 4. Viewers were expecting to see Villanelle with Eve moving ahead confessing their love for one another. However, the season left the duo broken as Villanelle fell in water after getting hit with sniper bullets.

Certainly, viewers felt dissatisfied with the finale and went on to compare it with the ending of Game Of Thrones. Some of the fans on social media even commented that Eve, Villanelle and the viewers of the series deserved better. Unfortunately, that expected ending for season 4 was far from being seen on the finale.

Yet, for UK the finale for Killing Eve season 4 is set to arrive on 17th April.