DC Movies To Have New 10-Year Plan Moving Forward, New Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav Reveals

Zaslav admitted that he will be following what Disney did with the MCU

This past week has been chaotic for DC fans, to put it mildly. Warner Bros. has not been doing a good job managing a universe where multiple superheroes exist, and instead of making some hard calls early on, they only made it worse. This ended with current WB CEO David Zaslav and his team canceling Batgirl, which had been in post-production. The project had already cost them $90 million, and won’t be coming back to life again.

Zaslav’s Plans for DC

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Warner Bros.

Zaslav admitted straight away that their past attempts at reproducing the MCU “is something we think could be better.” During the Warner Bros. Investors Call today, he unveiled their new plan, which showed the DCEU’s formation in the coming years.

Zaslav said that they have done a reset and structured the business. Similar to how Alan Horne effectively appointed Kevin Feige to oversee the Marvel department at Disney, they will have their own team focusing just on DC. He said they will be focusing on quality, and won’t release a film before it’s ready. He said that everything can be made better, and for now, they will focus on Black Adam, Shazam, and Flash. He said the movies are terrific, but they can make them even better. He has appointed Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy as the new motion picture heads for this sole purpose.

Other Plans

Warner Bros.

Zaslav also said their mission is to bring Warner back, as the studio was once one of the biggest studio companies in the world, but fell off. They are also planning to unify Discovery+ and HBO Max, since the latter has had many complaints. The streamer will also hold back on creating originals, and focus instead on theater releases.

Do you think DC will be saved?