David Attenborough is about to unveil the end of prehistoric creatures with The fall of the Dinosaurs on BBC1!

David Attenborough Unlocked the mystery of prehistoric Creatures

In a movie directed by Sir David Attenborough, the mystery of prehistoric dinosaurs in their last days is about to be unveiled! The movie is a BBC1 feature film and will emphasize the hidden dig site on the mountains of North Dakota. In The fall of dinosaurs, we will see Attenborough along with some experts assessing a place named Tanis, which is home to fossilized creatures back from 66 million years ago! How very exciting! 

A photo of David Attenborough
Instagram| David Attenborough 

Using cutting edge technologies and visualization

Robert Depalma, a paleontologist has been guiding his team for almost three years to perform visualizations using advanced technologies to gain an insight into the fossil world. They have worked enormously to get the details of the day when an asteroid came in contact with the earth and caused the dinosaurs to vanish from here. Attenborough is a renowned documentarian who has created some celebrated documentaries on animals and “The Fall of the Dinosaurs” would be his first film since Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur.


The movie’s streaming platforms

For the movie’s airing, BBC is collaborating with its co-partners France Televisions and PBS, along with BBC Studios acting as the producers along with GBH Boston and NOVA. The movie has received a green signal from Charlotte Moore(BBC Chief content officer) and Jack Bootle who is the Head of Science.

Walking with the dinosaurs

What we think versus the reality

This documentary is all about the last days of dinosaurs on earth and what caused the giant creatures to disappear from the earth. We believe that an asteroid hit the planet 66 million years ago and the dinosaurs died. But the reality is quite different. The documentary explains the whole process in great detail. The impact of the asteroid is very well documented, but there’s no proper evidence to support this theory. In the graveyard of Tanis, the preserved fossils pose a great potential of providing evidence for they have been preserved in great detail. David thinks that Tanis could be a place providing proof about how the very last dinosaurs were affected by the asteroid. This movie will surely provide us with proper history!

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