Betty White Turns 100: Rose Petals Flutter Down and Gratitude Expressed “For Being A Friend,” Google Pays Touching Tribute

Golden Girl Celebrated Globally

America’s Golden Girl, an animal right advocate and a great comedian Betty White died on 31st January. She was 99 years old when she passed away and was going to be 100, weeks after her death.

On 17th of January, birthday of late Betty White, Google marks her with Golden Girl- Themed Search Tribute as Betty White turns 100. When someone searched her name as a  result rose petals flutter down the screen in her memory accompanied by a message Thanksgiving her for being a friend.

Screenshot of result of searching Betty White

Betty White turns 100

A film originally named Betty White: 100 years young prior to her death showcase her entire journey from being a 1950’s sitcom to a golden girl , The Proposal and Hot In Cleveland.

White had recorded a message in her own voice for the movie 10 days before she died. Her movie had most of her co-stars acting in it.

Twitter users expressed themselves by appreciating Google for this happening. Someone said that this action was so dope! While other said that he/she was crying and thanking Google for such gesture.

The producer of the movie ‘Betty White:100 years young’ added that she was great, funny, adorable and everyone loved her for her beauty and for her nature as well , he said she was an amazing personality overall. He was very close to her and everyone coming together giving her tribute and this gesture from Google was very much pleasurable.

Like the rose petals fluttering down when we search ‘Betty White’, she was that beautiful and of a great nature.