Connie Chung is no longer working for TV but people still remember her legacy. Check it out.

Connie Chung, a famous journalist who was known for her excellent remarks and awareness of the things happening around her. she was the anchor at CBS and other reputed news channels. her career was at a great height soon after she joined the profession. having studied journalism in her graduation, she knew much more about journalism than her colleagues did. an aware person, she was aware of how and when she had to speak up for the injustice that was prevailing in the world that came to her notice.

Her decision to raise her voice was good for as long as it was done to the outside world, however, when she started reporting about the people in the department and accusing them on a national television show, which was watched by people around the globe.

What was the reason for her career coming to an end?

As described above, she spoke about the harassment that she and others had to go through which lend her into troubles that were uninvited. While she did that to ensure a safe space for herself and others, she was seen caught in the web and was herself blamed for misogyny, discrimination, etc. The same reason caused her to be kicked out from work, however, the people who came into the field or some other field afterwards took her legacy of speaking for the right and pointing out the bad as she would do in her career.

Not a life that anyone would want to experience, however, that was something that her destiny had waited for her and she was supposed to face the same in her life. However, whatever happened was not a backlash to her, rather a legacy that she had made due to her nature and command.