A star has finally managed to beat Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber from the Top 10 Men In Fashion World 2020 list for the September edition and its someone from the BTS! Check out who he is.

Fashion is something that people do out of passion and self-interest. No one who dresses up well does it to excite or give a moment of praise from others, all they do it is for themselves and no one else. However, celebrities or artists that are involved in the field of entertainment are kept their eyes on by people from all over the world and not just they or the people around them, for which they have to ensure that their sense of fashion is something that will be accepted by people worldwide as all eyes are on them.


People know what to do when to look good in the eyes of others, either physically or due to the personality that they hold. All these are done by professionals who are involved in tasks that are their strength and those who are masters in the same field do things to enrich their hands and skills at the same. Celebrities, not only actors but also people that are involved in other entertainment professionals look good at every aspect of life and stage that they take up as all the eyes are on them.


What was the list that was released on the top stylist performers?

There is a list that is released almost at a year’s interval, fans of several celebrities wait to see the names of their favorite stars. BTS is a Korean music band that is more than a band to some. Many of the people in the world view it with the eyes of family, all the performers in it are favorites of most of the people from everywhere in the world. One of the singers from the band, Robert Pattinson reaches the top 10 which was released in September and had beaten Justin Bieber in it.