Christina Anstead still shares a close bond with ex-husband Tarek’s family

. Christina Anstead is still thick with Tarek El Moussa’s family

Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa may not be together anymore but that hasn’t distanced Christina from his family. She still seems to share a thick bond with his family.

The 36-year-old American TV presenter recently gave birth to her third child, Hudson on 6th September 2019 with her husband Ant Anstead. The new mom recently opened up about her new life in an interview.

The HGTV favourite star said that more than three and a half years passed since the couple separated, so things were quite easier now. “I and Tarek still work together, obviously.” Christina added that she is still really close with his family and they put their kids first always.

She clarified that they never say anything bad about each other to their children. “That’s the worst mistake a parent can make,” she affirmed. She further said that at this time that they were committed to being the best parents they can be. They also plan to continue their professional lives together.

Christina Anstead still shares close bond with ex-husband Tarek’s family.
Picture: Instagram

Christina and Tarek got married in 2009. They were together for 9 years before splitting up in January 2018. Together they saw various ups & downs in life. Being a real estate investor, she faced strenuous time in 2008 when the stock market crashed causing the housing market to come crashing down as well. The couple who was successful in their real estate business and were earning quite well went from living in a $6,000 per month house to a $700 rent apartment within a very less time.

Their fortune changed when HGTV picked up their audition tape filming an entire episode of the process of house flipping from start to finish and they got a chance to have in a reality show together on HGTV, Flip and Flop. They share 2 children, Taylor, 9, and Brayden, 4, together. They continue to co-parent their children.