Chris Pratt Gets Aid From Mother-in-law Maria Shriver After Recent Controversy

The actor continues to face backlash for some very poor choice of words

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt landed himself in hot soup yet again after a recent post about his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. And now, his mother-in-law Maria Shriver has jumped to the actor’s defence.

Maria’s encouraging words

Maria Shriver defends Chris Pratt

Shriver commented under the controversial post, saying that she wanted to remind Chris Pratt what a good man he is. She continued by saying that he was a great father he is to his son Jack (with ex-wife Anna Faris), and daughter Lyla (with Katherine), and what a great husband and son-in-law he is. She also appreciated his great sense of humour.

The 66-year-old journalist and author said she was proud of him, and that she wanted him to rise above the noise. She reminded him that he was loved by her, Katherine, and his children.

Pratt’s post

Katherine and Chris

Chris Pratt was harshly criticized after a supposedly gushing tribute to Katherine earlier this week. In the post, he thanked her for giving him a “gorgeous healthy daughter,” which didn’t sit well with many people. They argued that this was a dig to Faris, since Jack, who is 9 now, was born premature, and had many health conditions. Others called the post “tone deaf” as he referred to Katherine and their daughter as his “greatest treasure” and didn’t give a single mention to his son.

Pratt was called “cringe,” “weird,” and “the worst Chris.”

In an Instagram story shared on November 3, Chris Pratt admitted to feeling depressed, even though he didn’t directly address the issue. He said that he felt “crappy” and didn’t want to work out. So he put on his “Christian music playlist” and ran in the woods. Pratt’s faith was also a source for trolling, as it was stated a while ago that he went to a famous anti-LGBTQ+ church, the same place where he met Katherine.