Chris Martin Saves the Day for Girlfriend Dakota Johnson At Her Film Premiere

Chris Martin to the rescue

On Sunday, Giggly actress Dakota Johnson, 32, film Cha Cha Real Smooth was released at Sundance Film Festival.

Charlie Sextro on Sunday was hosting Sundance Film Festival 2022 Q & A with the Cha Cha Real Smooth stars. Because of the pandemic, everyone enjoyed the movie premiere from the comfort of their home.

First of all, he started Vanessa Burghardt, Johnson’s Caster in the film. With her, Copper Raiff, director and writer was introduced. But when Johnson’s turn came, an awkward pause broke due to her technical disturbance. The 50 Shades of Grey actress was struggling with a camera at the zoom meeting.

She was having trouble logging in to discuss her movie. When from behind Chris Martin stepped in to help Johnson. While fixing the technical issue, the 44-year-old singer got live with his girlfriend as soon as the camera popped open revealing both Martin and Johnson.

You can catch the glimpse of the duo in the below picture.

chris martin & dakota johnson
Sundance Film Festival

The Coldplay singer only briefly appeared and shoon excited the room in a blink as the video started. But he didn’t sadden the fan and offered a peace sign before his exit. We can see Johnson left with nothing but a peal of laughter.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson were dating since 2017 but both of them were always tight-lipped on their relationship.

We are sure, this cute and brief video will definitely give their fans pleasure to see them together.

About Dakota’s film

Cha Cha Real Smooth was premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Johnson is also serving as a producer of the film.

The film is a comedy-drama in which Raiff, Johnson, Leslie Mann, Brad Garett, Raúl Castillo, Odeya Rush were seen in the main role.