Taylor Swift fires back on Blur’s Damon Albarn for discrediting her song writing

Taylor Swift fires back at Blur’s Damon Albarn for his shocking comment towards her

Not everyone may like the songs and music created by Taylor Swift. But we have to agree that that this American singer-songwriter is the reigning queen of the industry. She is talented and there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of her.

Taylor Swift
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And when musician Damon Albarn passed a comment regarding Swift’s song-writing capabilities, the 11-time Grammy Award winner slammed Albarn on Twitter.

Taylor said she was a big fan of Damon’s until this particular incident. She added that she writes all of her own songs and called his statement entirely false and damaging. The singer posted this tweet while tagging Albarn’s account.

The All too well singer also mentioned in the tweet that Damon didn’t have to like her songs. But it’s really messed up to try and discredit her writing.

Albarn’s thoughts on Taylor’s songwriting skills. 

Taylor’s tweet was in response to an interview between Los Angeles Times and Albarn. During the interview, when  writer Mikael Wood asked the Blur member about his opinion on modern musicians while mentioning that Swift is a brilliant songwriter.

Albarn replied that Taylo doesn’t write her own songs. When Wood further insisted that Taylor co-wrote some of her songs, the “Stylo” singer replied that there is a major difference between writing and co-writing.

Swifties come forward in support

Taylor Swift’s fans have always supported her throughout and this situation wasn’t any different. Her fans came forward and #TaylorWritesHerOwnSongs started trending on Twitter.

Record producer Jack Antonoff, who worked with Taylor on her albums Folklore and 1989, defended her as well.

Albarn later on apologized and replied to the Blank Space singer’s tweet saying that he had no intention of discrediting her song writing and that his discussion regarding song writing was reduced to clickbait.

Taylor Swift is the only solo woman artist who has won Album of the Year award in the Grammys three times for her music.

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